04 August 2011


As a big zombie culture geek, I love seeing more zombie culture hitting the mainstream.

Navy Times has a great article about how to survive a zombie attack. h/t SayUncle

Back in May, the CDC posted Zombie Preparedness 101, in response to the hype about the predicted rapture.

The Colorado Springs Gazette has an article about the popularity of zombie culture.

In addition to the pop culture trend, zombies have fully infiltrated a segment of the RKBA community with companies offering zombie related stripped AR-15 lowers, zombie targets (h/t TFB), and tons of other gear.

I, for one, am excited to see zombies become big in pop culture!

Update: A good friend pointed me to this Wired article talking about reseach on the neuroscience of zombies and how to protect yourself with Science (cue Weird Science theme song from Oingo Boingo).

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