11 August 2011


I never thought a "free" society would consider something like the UK is currently discussing.
Several MPs in the British parliament want to ban the use of social networking sites, such as Twitter and Facbook, if a person is suspected (not convicted) on charges of instigating unrest and riots. Now, let's set aside the whole "suspected" issue.  The first problem that the UK faces is that this would be a nearly unenforceable law.  I've expressed my opinions on the validity of laws that cannot be enforced before.  They are complete and utter....rubbish.  Add in the fact that they want to ban the use of these type of sites to anyone who is SUSPECTED of contributing to unrest, and now you have a totalitarian state who can suspect mischievous behavior of anyone as an excuse for silencing them.

But wait, there's more!

So not only are they wanting to restrict a person's freedom of speech because they are merely "suspected" of causing unrest via the statements they make online.  They also want to force social media companies to take down any images, statements or other content that the British government deems inflammatory causing said unrest and riots.

I guess United KINGDOM never really shed their totalitarian monarchist views of governing.

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