05 August 2011

Personal Spy Drones = COOL!

Wired has an article about two security researches who presented their personal hacking spy drone at BlackHat this week. And although the idea of a personal drone with some type of surveillance equipment is not new, some of the tools they equipped this drone with are down right awesome.

IMSI catcher to trick cell phone signals into connecting instead of to a cell tower for calls? Check

GPS receiver for pre-programmed flight plans? Check

WiFi for connecting to networks? Check

340 million word dictionary for brute force attacks? Check

The list goes on...

I personally agree with one of the commenters that I would prefer a rotory wing aircraft, such as a helicopter, because landing and takeoff would be easier and require less space, and because you would have much better maneuverability.

Regardless it is a cool concept, just wish I had the cash lying around to make it a weekend project!

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