05 May 2011

A love of firearms

I have been shooting for several years now. I learned to shoot with my dad when I was pretty young. He taught me with a pellet gun at first, and then let me shoot is Winchester model 670 in .30-06. The Winchester left a huge bruise around my collar bone because I didn't have it shouldered properly.

Move forward about 15 years and I have been back in the shooting sports since 2005. I started with a purchase of a Springfield XD-45 Compact, the only pistol I own and one of my favorite pistols to shoot.  Then I decided I needed a rifle, and after having recently shot a friend's AR-15, decided to pick up a Bushmaster O.R.C that had just been introduced.  For my birthday last year, my amazing wife, pitched in with some family members and bought me a nice little Henry Lever Action in .22LR.

Now I have a beautiful baby girl in my life and hope that when she is old enough, I can teach her to shoot on the Henry. I even got my wife to go out to the range just last weekend, and she loved it!

Now if I can only solve those two pesky problems that keep me, and many other enthusiasts, from being at the range more often. Time, and money.

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