10 May 2011

The Daley Chronicles

Last week this editorial in the Washington Times was published about Chicago's supposedly "reasonable" restrictions on the purchase of firearms. Aside for the immense amount of red tape necessary to get a firearm registered (and renew that registration ANNUALLY), the other striking item is the list of "unsafe" firearms which include mostly antiques and black powder.

One modern firearm that is immensely popular, the Walther P22, even made the list of unsafe firearms.

Of course the other thing the editorial points out is that Daley wants 5 full-time armed bodyguards to protect him around the clock. He doesn't need to own a firearm because the City of Chicago will be provided him with 5 trained bodyguards who carry. I guess if I had 5 armed bodyguards I wouldn't necessarily feel the need for daily carry either.

EDITORIAL: Gun-grabber misfire - Washington Times

I guess all I have to say is thankfully I live in a mostly pro-gun state.


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